Richard W. Sparke, President, shown with a fully-loaded SnapRack


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             Whether it is the pride of the fleet, the Stainless Steel OrdaWheel, the beautiful satin-finished Anodized Aluminum OrdaSlide Rack, OrdaBar, Pot and Pan Rack, or SnapRack, you are assured the exacting specifications and rigorous Quality are in every Genuine SPARKE product that leaves the door.

             It’s not just good business. We stand behind everything we make in a second and third-generation family-owned and operated business. We’re making plans for the fourth-generation, already infused with the pride of workmanship and detail you’ll find in every box.

             You can count on us for factory support. There’s never a question about our product too silly to ask. We welcome your suggestions. We also custom manufacture some products for individual applications, at reasonable prices.

             Need it fast? SparkeXpress may be right for you. Our SparkeXpedite service for professional logistics information management is available upon request.


Genuine SPARKE Quality Products